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February is National AMD Awareness Month

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness among older Americans, but new treatments have dramatically changed the course of this disease over the last 10 years, making AMD more manageable than ever before.


Warning Signs of Eye Ailments

It’s important to know not only the potential causes of eye ailments, but how to respond to the warning signs and pursue treatment. People often ignore poor eyesight indicators for a long time before seeking treatment. Early detection of disease, if revealed, can greatly improve the situation. READ MORE

Age Related Vision Problems

Many common, age-related problems affecting vision can be addressed with reasonable solutions. In fact, on or about age 60, you may find you need more light for tasks performed indoors or in darker conditions outdoors. This is because your eye’s pupil no longer opens as widely as it once did to allow light to enter. Because less light is reaching your retina where vision processing occurs, images are no longer as sharp as they once were.